Hello Allblackers!

We are Gela and Tomasz from Berlin. We met in 2011 at work and realized pretty quickly that we are a perfect team balancing and complementing each other in every aspect of life.

2015 was a special year for us as our son Henri was born and we got married that summer.

Both of us have been active and sporty since our childhood. Tomasz has tried many different sports, however due to his height and his talent he chose Basketball and even won the state championships. Before Henri was born Tomasz also trained Karate with the head coach of the German National Team, however the training intensity and being a fabulous dad weren’t compatible so he had to stop and continued to stay fit with jogging and gym. I started with competitive gymnastics at a very young age, which pursuit until the age of 14 -but then other things seemed more important 😉

From the age of 20 I discovered running and at times I was running every day and other times I was a quite enthusiastic gym member. But enough about our early sporting days and more about: How it (the cycling love) all began: 5 years ago, I was pregnant and my life changed completely. I was something, that was a huge part of me – that truly defined who I was.

After giving birth – there was Henri. He is wonderful, but he really changed everything.

I stayed home for one year and I was a full-time mom- a strange feeling, because I worked fulltime beforehand and really liked it.

Sometimes I thought, my life ended- don‘t get me wrong- having a child is bliss and wouldn’t trade him for anything- but it felt, like there is not much left of me.

After one year I started working again and Tomasz and I were doing the best we can. So there was having a family, working and less sleep.

Because Tomasz is the best dad Henri could ever imagine, we really wanted to say thank you- he also had to quit beeing a DJ (and sold his equimpment for Babystuff)- we bought him a steelracer he a family means also less time for us as a couple.

But we managed it well 🙂 most of the time also thanks to fantastic grandparents!

Last summer we started talking about me having a roadbike as well.

In March 2019 we found our new family member and I was immediately on fire.

In the end it feels like i ́m coming home to myself.

I didn’t expect to find myself “in something” again, especially not in doing sports. I not only (re)found a missing part of myself- we also found each other as a couple again.

The power of the union. ❤


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