John Timmermans (1969) Venlo (Netherlands)

Hi everybody,

 My name is John and I live in Venlo, a town in the Northern part of Limburg in de Netherlands. I am married and I have 2 daughters. I work as a Relation Manager (Sales) for a big SAP Consultancy Company in the Netherlands.

 When I was about 15 years old I got my first MTB. It was an old 6 hand 26” bike which I stripped together with my Uncle and build it up again with some new parts. We painted it fully black with Yellow High Vis cables. I fell in love with MTB riding right away and soon bought another bike, from my own hard earned money as a teenager. After a year or so I traded it in for a Giant Cadex 1, Gold and purple. What a great bike. 

 About the same time I started to love riding my MTB I picked up photography. I took pictures everywhere and from everything. Always had a camera on me where ever I went (and I still do, thank god for smartphones and GoPro’s). During High School I kinda lost interest in riding bikes and was on and of the bike for long periods of time, and engaged in all kinds of other sports, like Tennis, Handball, Baseball, Aikido and finally back to cycling. Untill about 5 years ago I picked up road cycling for the first time besides MTB and I have to say I love it. After I was in a big crash in Winterberg with my MTB back in 2015, I kinda took it a little slower with MTB riding and I only do that in Winter now. During Spring, Summer and Fall I mostly ride my road and cx bike. During all rides I still love to take pictures. From riding but also from the landscape. This is what relaxes me after a stressful day on the job and on the road (by car).

 Cycling has become an important part of my life and I love to do it very much and as much as possible, but I truly do it because I enjoy it and find peace and relaxation while riding and taking pictures. I am not competitive at all (while riding) and do not have big goals with cycling. Just keep enjoying it as much as possible.  It’s become part of my daily/weekly meditation. And I truly don’t care how far or fast my rides are. Sometimes I enjoy going far and fast, sometimes I stop 50 times to enjoy nature and/or take pictures with cycling friends or just by myself. That’s what I love about it. It’s different every time I go out riding. 

 As far as social media goes, I only use Instagram since ages and I still like it a lot. The photography and cycling community is very big and a lot of fun. I enjoy to see all those great shots and sharing mine with all of you. 


Happy trails and safe rides




John instagram page

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