Tiia Puustinen (1980), Pirkkala (Finland)

Hi! My name is Tiia. I live in Finland with my husband (also cyclist) and two gorgeous kids. I’m having the busiest time of my life having young kids and demanding job (plus cycling passion). Still I’m so grateful and happy at the moment.

I learned to ride bike without training wheels when I was three. After that cycling has been natural part of my life. When I was young I did gymnastics and ice skating (still try do both). I always went to rehearsals with my bike, no matter the weather. Nowadays I mainly cycle and run, but also like to do many other sports like gym, dancing, yoga and skiing. Cycling is number one sport for me. I love everything about cycling: it keeps me physically and mentally health. Long distances challenge me the way I want. I love to admire  beautiful landscapes on my bike. I’m a big nature lover. 

I had my first road bike in 2012, and I fell in love immediately. Before that I rode mountain bike. Now I also have cyclocross bike. Weather conditions vary a lot here in Finland depending on the  time of year. I’m used to it, and it brings nice change to cycling. 

I joined IG in 2017 mostly because I wanted to hook up with other cyclists all around the world. I’m so lucky to be part of amazing  IG community of cyclists. And I’m grateful to be member of @allblack.cc. Let’s make this world better place by riding our bikes and let’s be kind to each others!


Tiia instagram page

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