Kiley Dorth (1988) Austin, Texas (USA)

My name is Kiley Dorth and I was born and raised in Texas (USA). I teach 8th grade (12 year olds) Science in Austin and bike as often as I can. I haven’t always been a cyclist though.

I was very active growing up and played competitive softball for 15 years. I always enjoyed playing but always felt like something was not right. When I was in college I was diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome. A rare heart defect in which I was born with an extra electrical pathway between the upper and lower chamber of the heart. This caused me to have heart arrhythmia while playing sports, or even sitting and doing school work. When I was 21 I had an ablation in which the cardiologist surgically destroyed the abnormal electrical pathway. The procedure was successful and I have not had any irregular heartbeat since.

This brings me to my love for cycling. The best gift that my husband ever gave me was a used Giant Avail road bike for our one-year wedding anniversary. I told him I wanted to compete in a sprint triathlon but I didn’t own a bike (or really remember how to ride one). I took the bike for my first ride on our anniversary and crashed face first into a tree. I bruised my forehead, and cut my chin open dripping blood everywhere. Needless to say, our pictures from our anniversary dinner are interesting with a swollen and bleeding face.

Since that first ride 4 years ago, I have completed 3 century rides (100 miles), 2 Sprint Triathlons, and numerous charity rides. I am now competing in Time Trial Ultra Cycling races within the state of Texas.

I love getting to share my love for cycling through pictures on Instagram, my local bike group Buda Bike Company, and now the global network of All Black CC. I am very blessed to be able to participate in the sport I love. Be a shining light into the darkness and only pass on good vibes ✌️


Kiley instagram page

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