Theresa Bonk (1993) Leipzig , Saxoni (Germany)

Hello, my name is Theresa from Germany and I have been cycling since 2016.

There was a person who has shown me how it feels to ride a roadbike. The person has gone but my passion has remained. And I would never had thought that it would be such a big part in my life. Cycling is more than just to ride a bike. It is more that I ever thought! Freedom, adventures which I would never have experienced, landscapes in their different ways and meeting people which feels the same love. All these thinks makes my life so adorable and I know and believeing in, that it will be stay forever.


Theresa’s instagram page

2 comentarios en “@cyclemylife

  1. Hello, I love your photos and philosophy of cycling.

    Me gusta

  2. Danke für deine Motivation. Unter anderem, aber im Besonderen, durch dich hab ich mich ebenfalls mit dem Road Bike Virus infiziert.

    Me gusta


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