David Sujar (1975) Madrid ( Spain)

Hi, everyone.

I´m David Sújar (although many people confuse mi surname with Sugar 😉). I am 42 years old and I am from Spain (Madrid).

Although from a very young age I liked the bike, I chose (don’t know if by hobby or my friends pressure), to practice other sports like martial arts. That lasted about 28 years of my life; OMG !!!

Four years ago, after a long sporting inactivity (due to work), I decided that I needed to get active again and asked myself: why not cycling?

And so I gave it a try. At first, I got on a MTB and, I confess, the feeling was strange. I liked it, but I was not convinced. I rode that bike for a year, until one day, my brother gave me a hybrid bicycle (the same I currently ride) and that helped me discover the wonderful world of the road.

Cycling is more than a passion, it is an addiction. When I ride, I get away from everything, I think about my things, allow myself to forget about the day-to-day problems and focus on what is truly important in life; be happy.

A very curious thing happens to me: when biking my consciousness changes, I can control my breathing, I focus my vision, I keep my balance and my thoughts flow. Does that happen to you too?

I do not consider myself a great cyclist, nor do I pretend to be. I just want to enjoy, feel alive, ride and ride…..And, I think that the bike is (my) freedom.


David’s instagram page

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