Ilda Carina Pinheiro da Silva Pereira ( 1981) Azurem (Portugal)

Hi, I’m Ilda, and I’m from the Portuguese birth city, Guimarães (Azurém). Do you know where it is? Sure you do! 😉 It appears on the mountain bike maps, since good tracks take place here, in Penha. As a matter of fact, I live in S. Torcato, 7kms from Guimarães, which is really a mountain biking village. It’s here and there I ride everyday! Wanna join me one of these days? 😉 Ah! Ask for “KicA” (my nickname).

I race MTB since 2010 (2011 silver medal Women Elite UpHill National Championship, 2013 silver medal XCO National Championship, 4 times), in 2014 I was called to join the Portuguese National Road Team, 2015 I won Nuvali WMS and 2016 finished 10th the UCI WMS Ranking.

I was born on the 10th October 1981 in Azurém, Guimarães. I am one of two, with an eleven years old younger brother. I spent my childhood between S. Torcato and S. Tomé de Negrelos, a small village near Oporto. I have always been an energetic one with lots of ideas and things to do! As a kid I would walk to school and by motorbike when I got to the high school. Although I had always had bikes to ride since two, no one has ever motivated me to practice it and I ended up finding the pleasure of riding only at the age of twenty-five and racing in 2010.

Although I’m not a professional rider, I take cycling very professionally: I work out rigorously everyday ever since I started competing and have never broken the protocols!

Name: Ilda Carina Pinheiro da Silva Pereira

Nickname: KicA

Birth date: 1981/10/10

Height: 156 cm

Weight: 42 – 45kg

Hobbies : My cats, drawing, painting, cooking and sports (I have practiced soccer, swimming, gym and military physical training).

Teams: Portuguese National Road Team / Seleção Nacional de Estrada; BTT Torcatense_Casa Myzé Quer; C C Ouriquense; Mozinho MTB; Casa Myzé Team

Job: Artist, Private Teacher

MTB racer since: 2010

Road racer since: 2014

MTB Stage Races racer since: 2015

High points: climbing, technic and changing of pace tracks

Education: Arts / Drawing Degree at ESAP – Guimarães ; Official’s Formation Course at FAP; Portuguese / English Degree (Teaching of) at Univ. Minho; III Level Contability at Instituto Nun’Alvres

Favorite dish: I just love eating!!! Vegan and Vegetarian – Italian,, Thai, Chinese, Sushi style – and icecreams

Favorite books: The Little Prince by Saint-Exupéry, Naïf Super by Erlend Loe, Grammar and Cooking Books

Favorite movies: Seven, Quills and Stigmata


Website :


Ilda’s instagram page

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