Leo Barrett (1997), Cambridgeshire, UK

Hi, my name is Leo, I’ve been cycling for 3 years now and started posting photos of my bikes and me riding on Instagram last year.

I got into cycling through friends and have been addicted to everything around the sport since. I love cycling and the happiness I get from exploring the outdoors and I can’t wait to explore new roads and countries with my bike. I seem to spend half my life browsing Instagram pictures of people cycling and all the new cool clothes and products company are bringing out. I used to take lots of photos as a child and when I started following cyclists on Instagram I thought I’d get back into it so invested in a GoPro and now never leave for a ride without it.

I love spending as much time as I can on the bike which Is why I prefer longer rides, I never seem to get bored of it and love listening to music and relieving some stress whilst doing it. I find cycling really helps me mentally as well as physically and I often don’t feel myself if I’ve not been out training much.

In the long term I hope to raise money for charity through endurance challenges. It’s something I’ve always felt I’d love to do since I was young. I love challenging myself both mentally and physically and feel cycling is the best way I can do this in the future.

Ride safe .


Leo’s instagram page

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