Carlos Laranjo (1978) Horta , Fayal Islands , Azores ( Portugal)

Hi allblack.cc community!!

My name is Carlos Laranjo, also known as “claranjo”. I’m a nice guy that just turned 40, and I work as a Medical Lab Technologist in our local hospital.

I live on a small island called Fayal in the archipelago of the Azores in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Cycling started clicking in my system when some friends bought some bikes and started racing. They always were talking about bikes and as days went by I started growing some passion about the sport.

But I only started cycling for about four years ago, after several doctors said I needed to lose a few pounds. Today I weight 11 kilograms less and I feel much better!

When I started cycling it was very painful, and half an hour seemed like an eternity, always running away from hills. These days two or three hours aren’t enough and if there isn’t a climb or if I don’t finish with some pain, it simply wasn’t enough!

Usually I ride with a group of friends two to three times a week, Sundays in the morning (if there is not races), Tuesday and Thursday evening/nights. However, these days, because I work “on call”, some weeks it have not been easy to squeeze some time for riding…

Last year I did come XCO races but this year, again, because of work it was impossible to do them…

I had some bikes when I was a kid. Still remember my BMX and a road bike my dad brought from Canada when we moved to Portugal in 1985. But my first and only “real” bike is a Specialized RockHopperComp 2015. Now I am in the process of choosing a new carbon mtb bike because mine can no longer satisfy me, it just is not enough and it is getting “old”.

A few months ago, a friend lent me his road bike for two weeks, and I loved it! So now I’m looking into a road bike as well, but I’m very undecided…

When I go on a ride, I love taking photos. It’s part of my rides. If I don’t take some photos my ride won’t feel complete. Some of my friends do not understand it; they just want to keep going. I like to stop and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of our island, and share them with you all, as you can see in my Instagram.

If you ever come to visit my island, feel free to send me a DM and if work allows me I’ll be happy to show you around!

Safe rides!


Carlos’ instagram page

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