Thomas Lutz ((1978) Brig ( Switzerland)

Hello everyone

I am Thomas

I’ve always enjoyed sports. When I was younger I stood on the skateboard for hours and was outside all the time. In winter I was drawn to the ski slopes. I have been snowboarding for about 25 years.

Unfortunately, at some point you are too old to go skating every day. The bones won’t take it anymore.

Besides, I had lived the lifestyle of a skater…and wanted to get in better shape again.

So I grabbed my bike and went around the airport. My endurance improved quite quickly and I got faster every time.

When I had the opportunity to buy a Fausto Coppi Millennium racing bike at a good price… I did…and with the noble bike the motivation was even greater.

I then went on tours around Lake Zurich with colleagues and over time on longer and longer tours in the greater Zurich area.

It wasn’t about being the fastest. I’ve always had personal ambitions… to improve my own fitness and do something healthy for myself.

10 years ago I moved to the Swiss Alps, to Valais… and now I live at the starting point of many very beautiful climbs.

When I registered at Strava, the spirit of competition awoke in me and I tried to get one or the other KOM and to drive the long climbs faster and faster.

Strava was not only an incentive to improve my performance further… and to join the challenge between the local riders… via Strava I also met many like-minded people with whom I now go out regularly.

Driving in a group is fun… but sometimes I like to drive alone. Just me, my bike, the road and nature.

On such trips I can completely turn off and forget the stress of everyday life. Riding a racing bike on such days is a kind of meditation for me. Completely carefree in nature and fresh air… the smell of freedom!

In addition, you discover many beautiful places while cycling and perceive everything around you more consciously than if you raced through a region by car.

I am always overwhelmed when after a long, hard climb I can enjoy such an impressive panorama. That motivates me over and over again.

Enjoy your ride,


Thomas instagram page

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