Kim Horgan, Kansas City, Missouri, USA

I live in the Kansas City area. Kansas City is in Missouri, but the Kansas/Missouri state line is near my house so I usually cross two states any time I go out for even a short ride.

I rode my bike a lot as a kid growing up in Oklahoma. I grew up in a rural area and had plenty of gravel roads to explore. It wasn’t unusual for me to head out on my bike in the morning and not come home until dark.

For several years after college I didn’t ride, but got back into cycling about eight years ago when I was in the middle of a very stressful divorce. At that point riding became not just exercise, but my therapy and my escape. I started back into it slowly, but it didn’t take long before I was hooked.

In this area we have a lot of good gravel trails that used to be railroad lines. One of my favorite trails to ride is the Katy Trail, which runs across the entire state of Missouri and is a car-free trail that is over 250 miles long. My goal for this year is to ride the entire trail. When I’m not out on the trails I enjoy riding around the city on the weekends. KC has a lot of interesting street art and architecture.

I am not much of a social rider; I usually ride alone. It’s my way to work things out and clear my head, get some quiet time away (when I ride the trails) and to just ride, without a plan or a schedule. When I’m out riding I enjoy stopping to take pictures. A few years ago I opened an Instagram account and started posting my pictures there. It’s through this account that I’ve been lucky to meet so many cyclists from all over the world. On days when I don’t have the motivation to ride, I’ll browse through the photos in my feed and see friends riding and I’m inspired to get out there.

I’m happy to be part of the All Black Cycling Club and to be connecting with cyclists in other cities who share the same passion for cycling.


Kim’s instagram page

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