Rafael Muñoz ( 1985) Córdoba (Spain)
A lover of cycling since childhood, that passion has increased in recent years.
Since I was little I was riding a bike like any other child. I liked other sports, as is normal, but since 3 I have not missed a bicycle in my life. From 14 to 17 years old I start to practice Bmx Race on a track near of my house, which I stop practicing when they remove the track and I do not have the means to move to other cities to continue practicing it.
Something a little over 3 years ago I bought my first Mtb bike, I started out with some friends and acquaintances. A modality that I did not know was the one that made me resume this sport daily. Soon I bought a bicycle from route, without even having mounted in my life in one of them. At that moment is when this lifestyle really begins that we are so passionate about.
Today, there is nothing that I am more happy about, than to have taken up this sport in this way.
I have met many people to whom I thank each advice to improve, and come out accompanied and alone, and suffered until I come to think that there is a need to work so hard, I am fun, I have fallen and got up, there are many emotions and experiences that I’ve lived in this time ago. If I’m sure of something at this moment, it’s that I’m going to continue riding a bicycle until my body allows it. And I hope it will be for many more years. There are many challenges to meet and many kilometers to do.
To give pedals !!
Rafael Muñoz

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