Hello friends.
This publication may be the most personal you will read about me. Here I will try to explain some of the reasons why I pause our community.
As you may have already noticed, for a season the activity of AllblackCC dropped quite a bit, the manufacture of merchandising has been practically nil in the last year and the contribution of content of interest on the web has also been scarce.

Since the beginning of 2021 my life, my mood and free time has been affected by some personal changes and problems, that directly or indirectly has also affected AllblackCC. The people closest to me know why, here I am not going to go into those details, but I will tell you that I have always continued to value your action and manifesto, your unparalleled sense of the essence of AllblackCC and your unconditional support since the creation of the community.
It hurts me a lot not to have lived up to the circumstances, of the brand and not being able to offer you as much as you deserve.

From minute one, almost five years ago today, you offered to collaborate, explore and manifest all the essence of the club, from the most remote places on the planet to the most inhabited cities, our club echoed a wave of friends and cycling enthusiasts who were governed under the same motto:
(I think I will never create something as beautiful as this phrase)

Many collaborations, interesting people admired us, recognized cyclists applauded us and you were the protagonists. And you always will be.

You know that I never liked the spotlight, I didn’t like to take credit for anything, I preferred to do the hard work and then use a nice photo of one of you wearing our shield.
I always maintained the banner with an illusion and a strength that today I am no longer capable of sustaining it in the same way.

Today, November 15, a date indicated for me in my personal sphere, feeling it a lot, although it is not what I had prepared for this appointed day.

I am leaving the stage in my personal account (@pakoreq) about AllblackCC it maybe a pause in the middle of the performance , and unfortunately I still don’t know if the show will ever continue .
My strength is diminished, I am going through a really delicate moment and both physically and psychologically I need a deep rest in my person.
A series of recent events have weakened me much more adding to what I had been dragging during this time. In addition to my lack of ideas and time, now my head does not work, my sadness and my disorder as a person. Right now I am empty and broken inside and could not offer anything good or interesting. I don’t have the strength for it.
The goal is to find again that man who did all this, the one who smiled when he had an idea, that creative person, the one who basically did it to enjoy with his friends, have a unity and stay connected with them despite all the distance between us. Something that for me has been the greatest satisfaction and the greatest triumph that I will achieve in my life.

I’m sorry I let you down, I will never, ever be able to thank you for everything you did for me, all that support, all the ideas received, all those t-shirts, caps, jerseys, jackets and kits worn by all corners of the world, with our logo as a flag, really, that a person like me, so simple and without studies, would never have imagined doing and you made it possible and thanks to you (all of us) we got it.

I could not write the name of all the people who have ever contributed something, there are many, those who helped me and you will know very well when you read this article, these people whom I carry in my heart, to whom I will be eternally grateful and hopefully , maybe one day , I will come back here , to begin again and you will continue by my side as you have until today .

I hope you can understand me, that you put yourself in my place and that you understand my situation. It’s not easy.

Thanks friends . Really thanks, thank you for your time, for your photos, for your ideas, for all your help. Thanks for be my friends.
It has been a tremendous pleasure for me to have you by my side.

With tears in my eyes, my heart in my hand and the first AllblackCC shirt on my body. I say goodbye.

AllblackCC forever 🖤

Francisco Requena ( pakoreq)

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