Jorinde Moeke (1978) Meppel ( The Netherlands)

Hi! My name is Jorinde and I’m from Holland, where I live with my partner and 4 kids, 2 boys (12 and 11) and twingirls (5). I work as a Human Resource Manager in Healthcare and I have an online store for cyclingsocks (www.llkitsandsocks.com 😊)


After I gave birth to my girls 5 years ago, I knew that I had to start with sports again. I was tired all the time and it was so tempting to surrender to that feeling and to crash on the couch. But I realized that this wouldn’t bring me on the right energy level again so I decided to start cycling. I rode before, especially MTB, so I started with that again. My motto at that moment: be stronger than your excuses and go! And it worked, after a while my condition was getting better and my energy was increasing. I was definitely not looking for excuses anymore: every free moment I wanted to go out on my bike, riding cool trails, enjoying nature, while seasons were changing; spring, summer, autumn, winter…I loved it all! My K’s were increasing and in 2017 I decided to buy a roadbike because I wanted to explore this kind of cycling. And it didn’t disappoint me, no on the contrary, it was love on first sight; the focus, the flow, the speed….


Cycling for me is a perfect combination of experiencing beautiful nature while kilometers are ticking so you can easily get your goals. Goals about getting faster, getting further or more elevation. I really surprised myself by achieving goals I never expected to achieve (like the Stelvio in 2018), and it’s awesome to experience, over and over again, that I have more power and determination than I think. This really gives me the boost to set higher goals.


Anyway, cycling is my passion, no doubt, but I’m also a sockaddict 😉 That’s why I started LowLands Kits and Socks in 2018; an online store with a large assortment cyclingsocks of very cool brands. I started this because I was always looking for the perfect kit/sock match and it looked like a great idea to sell amazing socks to others and to help other cyclist with finding their perfect combo. LowLands Kits and Socks really makes me happy. It’s so much fun, to be connected with other cyclists and cyclingteams from over the whole world in this way 😊 I think socks can make the difference, they complete your kit and definitely spice up your ride. It’s a great way to show yourself while you’re out on your bike. And nothing is too crazy; all colors and shapes can be used and all combinations and contrasts are possible. There is always a reason to buy that striped, neon-colored, amazing sock to have fun with it and to give your kit a amazing look and yourself a happy feeling. So it’s really true: sockdoping works! 😉



Jorinde instagram page

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