Margarette (1977) , Vienna ( Austria)

Hello everybody, I am Margarette, 40 years old  polish girl from Cracow living in Vienna.

I am a very proud mother of 2 wonderful children. My son Maximilian  is  9 and my daughter Gabriela already  20.

Bicycle has assists my life since I was a teenager. I have started my cycling  journey offroad on my MTB. I was taking part in several races and competitions.

In posterior time  due to personal reasons sometimes it was more and sometimes less.

The Breaktrough in my life was my 40th Birthady – on that day I have received my first Road Bike from my parents. As of this day I stared a new chapter in my life. Thanks to my  road bike I have  recovered my  stolen freedom .

I cycle whenever I can, want to spend every single free minute of my life on my bike.

This is sometimes a challenge as I work in a huge internatioan Concern and I’m a single mom.

But wherever I go, my bike ( or bikes )  comes always with me. Of course  I still enjoy off road.

I have managed to contract with this passion my son Max . Last year he took part in his first race. It makes me feel so proud to let him show the world with my eyes behind the bars.

Parallel to my journey on the road bike I have created my Instagram account . Already there I had a chance to meet so many amazing people who share the same passion .

I would like  is to inspire all women in the world, single mothers and the ones who went through hell in their lives . Want to show them that it is so important to have a passion in life! To feel strong and  independent. Cycling can let them become acquainted with this power.

When I ride my bike, I feel  free, happy and strong. Liberated from the usual nonsense of the day to day life solid dependable silent. My bike is my horse, my fighter-yet, my island, my friend. Together we shall conquer that hills and thereafter the world…

I am so excited to be a part of the All Black Cycling Club community and look forward to friendships and inspiration from  cyclists all over  the world


Margarette’s Instagram page


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